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I purchased this program for my camera Nikon D7000 so I can create multiple images where I use Focus Stacking for macro photography, when I made my pictures e.g. 5 pcs with different focus areas, near and far to get as much in focus when I made my 5 pictures, I open the pictures in this program, Zerene Stacker, which then makes my 5 photos into an image that has a large Fucus area in the whole picture.

Zerene Stacker

Promote Control

I bought this fancy stuff, it can be used to take multi exponeringer with a camera, eg my camera Nikon D7000 can only shoot a series of 3 photos in AEB (Automatic Exposure Bracketing) for HDR.

But with the Promote Control and extra cable (Shutter Cables) I can make automatic bracketing of up to 45 shots in a row, Cool!

Product Description

Designed for serious amateurs and pros, Promote® Control is an advanced remote control for digital SLR cameras from Canon, Nikon and various other manufacturers. A brief feature list includes:

  • Automatic bracketing for up to 45 shots in a row
  • Up to 9.0EV steps between bracketed exposures
  • Automatic Bulb mode bracketing
  • Programmable Focus Stacking sequences
  • Time-Lapse with optional exposure bracketing for HDR Time-Lapse
  • Pocket-sized alternative to laptop-based camera remote control solutions


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